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Get a dog you can leave

You already know that your dog isn't being a bad dog but that he has a full-on panic attack every time you leave.

You already know that you need to find a training method that helps your dog recover from his phobia of being home alone.

You also know (deep down maybe) that this isn't your fault (even though everyone tells you it is). 

You know that it's time to stop listening to friends and family who really don't understand what it's like to have a dog who can't be left.

And you know it's time to stop wasting money on Amazon and wasting time on Google – the miracle cure isn't out there.


getting a dog who can be left (just like it seems everyone else's can) will mean you:

  • Stop feeling like a prisoner in your own home

    Once your dog can be left you won't feel like the only person still in full-on lockdown.
  • Can be spontaneous again

    No more planning everything to the nth degree. No more turning down last minute invitations, or cooking dinner without a crucial ingredient because you can't pop out.
  • No longer have to spend half your month’s wages on daycare fees

    Sure you'll still have dog care costs but they'll no longer be the biggest item on your credit card bill. You'll be able to buy shoes rather than single-handedly pay the wages of the daycare staff.
  • Get friends and family off your back

    Once your dog starts to recover, friends and family will see that you were right – just letting your dog cry it out wasn't the way to go. The ”why can't you just leave him and come out" guilt-trip will also stop.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though some owners do get their dog over separation anxiety, many more who try, fail.

And the main reason for this, as you've likely seen is that, while there is no shortage of solutions or advice on how to fix separation anxiety, finding a solution that actually work seems IMPOSSIBLE.

But as long as you don't fall into the trap of hopping from one shiny new idea to the next that most pet parents get caught up in, the road to recovery lies ahead for your dog and you.

A path that stops your dog's anguish and your misery, gives you back your freedom, and allows both of you to live your best lives. 

The key ingredient to all of this is training that works on the source of your dog's distress.

And with your permission that's what I'd love to show you how to do. 

"Very happy to report that I went to my circuit training class this morning, leaving Bam home alone. She spent most of the time lounging on the sofa. No anxiety, no barking. This is something to celebrate!!!!! Thank you again for all your support"

– Sarah and Bam

"Without your program I'm not sure we would not have been able to keep Brody. It's been a gamechanger for us. We can now leave Brody while we go to work. My husband now tells me how proud he is of me and Brody. And that's all down to you, Julie! ❤️ "

– Jenna and Brody

Hi Julie- very exciting news. Bailey did 3 hours today like it was nothing!!! We are so excited. He’s making so much progress! Thanks for getting us to this goal. 😁😁😁😄😄😄

– Bailey's mom

Omg!!! We got 85 mins today!!! And she was still relaxed and sleeping but I decided to end it to keep it positive ❤️❤️🥳🥳Can't believe we were at 1 minute when we started this program.

–Trish and Iris


The Separation Anxiety Heroes Club

The Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guided Training Program that Leads to A Chilled, Happy Dog You Can Confidently Leave

Meet Julie: leading separation anxiety expert and author of Be Right Back!

Hi! I'm Julie! I've taken everything I've learned from helping 100s of dogs overcome separation anxiety and I've channelled that into a step-by-step training formula. In Heroes I guide you through the exact implementation process you need to get your dog over separation anxiety. 


Separation Anxiety Heroes is the ONLY program of its kind that:

1. Gives you easy, insanely affordable access to a leading separation anxiety expert who coaches you on your own dog.

2. Gets you access to THE most supportive, understanding community ever. Instead of being judged you'll feel buoyed and loved.

3. Focuses on evidence not opinion to put an end to the confusion caused by the internet “experts”.

4. Uses ONE simple PROVEN science-based method. THE method in fact. So no more ping-ponging.

5. Breaks training down into a step-by-step system and even gives you a unique training app to make things even simpler.

So if you’re ready to finally get your dog over separation anxiety while avoiding the expensive mistakes, time-sucking pitfalls and heartbreaking dead-ends, 

Here' s what you get when you sign up:

Component 1

The Separation Anxiety Training App™ aka the Expert Trainer in Your Pocket!

While you don't need to have expensive 1-1 sessions with a trainer or behaviourist you will need a training plan that's written by one. That's where the App comes in. The App is basically my plan-writing brain wrapped up in software. It's also going to help you record data like a scientist. (You'll thank me for all that data later!)


With the App you'll get

  • A customized training plan for every single departure you do. No trying to fit generic plans to your dog's very individual needs.
  • A neat data capture and tracking function. No messing around with complicated spreadsheets or scraps of paper. Without good records your training will not fly. 
  • Motivational graphs, charts and progress trackers that help you stay the course – like a Fitbit for separation anxiety training!
Component 2

Video Vault Trainings – so that you become an expert in your own dog's separation anxiety

You don't need to be a separation anxiety expert to get your dog over this (that's what I'm here for). But being an expert in your own dog is a gamechanger. Without that expertise you risk missing vital clues that make or break training.


In the Video Vault you'll find:

  • Every question you'll ever have about separation anxiety has probably been answered in the Vault.
  • You not only get videos. There are also audio files and transcripts – something to suit your unique learning preference
  • And, best of all, even though the vault is jam-packed, you can search within videos. Yes, within!
Component 3

The Heroes Private Facebook Group: An invitation to join the best bunch of separation owners on the planet 


Here's where you'll find:

  • A small, supportive community who you'll soon discover will be there for you WHENEVER you need. And I'm in there throughout the day, 5 days a week too.
  • Engaging activities to keep your motivation up – mini-challenges, contests and other fun stuff.
  • A 100% judgment free zone. Forget the dread of “I know they're going to judge me for this”. Nope. Not ever. Not in the Heroes Facebook group.
Component 4

“Ask Julie Anything” Lives: Let your dog and your training benefit directly from the experience I've gained with 100s of dogs


Here's what's involved:

  • Three times a week you get to grill me LIVE about any aspect of your training
  • Tap into my expertise when you're stuck, unsure, or just need a little pep talk (motivational coaching is kinda my bag!)
Component 5

Personalized training review: Get the expert eyes of me and my team on your departure exercises


Here's what's involved:

  • You get to upload a video every week for us to review and provide coaching on your dog's exercises
  • You also get to see our comments on the videos others submit - super neat!
Component 6

Weekly Group Coaching with a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer


Here's what's involved:

  • You get to have personal coaching with a separation anxiety specialist.
  • Have them solve any training problems you're having.

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful owners asked before joining Separation Anxiety Heroes.

I understand. I was there too, with my own dog. And that's why my commitment to you is to show you the one proven method that has been shown to be the best process to get dogs over separation anxiety. (Ref Sargisson, 2014, and others).

There are no guarantees with behaviour change, but as long as your dog does have separation anxiety and not some underlying medical condition or other behavioural condition, then this method is right for you. It's been shown to work on all different breeds, ages, and severities. 

I can't promise that by joining Separation Anxiety Heroes you'll get your dog over separation anxiety.

But I can promise that I wouldn't take your money if I didn't think Separation Anxiety Heroes was your absolute best chance for getting your dog over this.

Remember, I've been in your shoes. I know what it's like to waste time and money on things that don't stand a chance.


Separation anxiety training is actually BEST done online. How can you do home alone training when the trainer is in your house?

Even if it seems like you have, my method is more systematic, more step-by-step, more customized than anything you've tried.

I totally understand - having a dog with separation anxiety isn't easy on the bank balance. And that's why I've deliberately kept the cost super low. You're getting to work with a separation anxiety trainer for not much more than a can of dog food a day!

And imagine if you no longer had to pay for daycare, dog walkers, or destroyed doors. Wouldn't it seem worth the investment?

Honestly, anything less isn't enough to help you help your dog.That doesn't mean you have to train like crazy every day, every week though. Far from it – you'll find I actively encourage training breaks!

After the 3 months your membership will automatically end. You can sign up for the lower monthly renewal rate or let your membership lapse.

Nothing! This is a family membership. You can add family members to the training app and to the Facebook group for no extra charge. 

Separation Anxiety Heroes is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're just traying to wrap your head around your dog's condition and don't know where to start OR you've tried the training but feel stuck. 
  2. You're a doer and a fixer who's willing to put in the work
  3. You've already stopped leaving your dog OR are prepared to stop leaving your dog a bit less
  4. Are scared to try only to fail again, but think this training looks different to everything you've tried.
  5. Sense that this is probably your dog's absolute best chance for getting over separation anxiety.
  6. Understand that there a no guarantees with behaviour change but are ready to follow the system and do whatever it takes.
  7. You're okay with the 3-month minimum term membership commitment. 

If you said “yes” to most of these, I can’t wait to meet you inside Separation Anxiety Heroes™!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

3 Months Access to The Separation Anxiety Heroes Club, including

  • The UNIQUE Separation Anxiety Training App!
  • Julie's private, small, members-only Facebook group.
  • Mon-Fri access to Julie via private group.
  • Exclusive access to the member video vault with how to videos, explainers, troubleshooting training.
  • "Ask Julie” live sessions, 2 times a week.
  • Weekly group video coaching sessions with SA Pro Trainers.
  • Family membership – add others to the app or the Facebook group free of charge.
  • Enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for JUST:

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£93 / $117


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