“If you can get into this course, do it! It's a career changer!”


by helping owners and dogs overcome separation anxiety


Next course starts April 25, 2022. 

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If you’re a dog trainer looking to do more work online so you can take back control of your business then you already know that separation anxiety cases are a no-brainer.

You also know that the online dog training market was already ridiculously competitive even before the pandemic.

But you know that there's never been a better time to be an online business.

And that separation cases are an ideal fit for online working.

If you've been thinking about doing more separation anxiety work, now is the time. 

What if I told you that becoming a separation anxiety trainer

  • Will help you stand out from the online crowd

    Luckily for you, most trainers don't want to take separation anxiety cases, even though there a lot of owners who need help. So by even just thinking about taking separation anxiety cases you're already standing out. 
  • Connects you with the most amazing clients

    Separation anxiety clients are the most dedicated, committed, and engaged owners on the planet. And yes, they do suspend absences!
  • Enables you to offer something that most clients see as an online service

    Or if they don't see it as such they do quickly see the logic. There's no trying to sell them on the idea that online works. Online works BETTER for separation anxiety. And clients see this.
  • Means you get to change people’s entire lives

    One of the reasons why separation anxiety is so hard on people is that it affects their whole lives. Helping them get their dog over separation anxiety is transformational: for them, their dog, and quite possibly you. Separation anxiety cases have an excellent resolution rate, and by helping owners get their dogs over separation anxiety you are giving them their lives back.
  • Is a much easier step to a thriving online business than building an online course

    It might seem like building that online course you've been thinking about is the obvious first step to becoming an online business. As someone who runs successful online courses and memberships I can tell you that's not where you should start. The online dog training course market is over-crowded and not for the faint-hearted. 

3 Reasons You Might Have Said No to Separation Anxiety Cases Up to Now

Reason 1

Everyone says these cases are too hard

There's a myth in dog training circles that separation anxiety cases are hard to resolve. And it's so easy to buy into that.

The thing is though, that when done well, using a thorough methodology, separation anxiety cases CAN be resolved. There's no reason they should be seen as harder than any other fear cases.

Don't fall for the negative hype.

Reason 2

Separation anxiety cases are somehow “different”

Yes and no. There are some differences, but the science of how we help change a dog's emotions still applies.

You do need to understand the specifics of how to execute separation anxiety training. But if you already know how to help dogs over fear, this is absolutely something you can learn.

Reason 3

You had a full plate

Up to now you've probably been so busy you've been turning away business. So why would you take on cases that seemed too complicated or too hard to resolve?

But you know that right now your business needs to adapt to thrive in the world of ongoing physical distancing.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Separation anxiety cases are the most obvious service to offer if you want to increase your online business. 

And not only are they not as hard as others make out they actually have a good resolution rate and are amazingly rewarding.

The main reason for the fear that many trainers have about separation anxiety cases is they've either experienced or heard of cases not being resolved.

But here's the thing, with separation anxiety there's a lot of throwing solutions at the wall in the hope that one will stick.

This only ends up confusing and overwhelming the client, taking them away from the intervention that does work. 

No wonder training fails!

Using a methodical, evidence-based approach to gradually exposing a dog to a non-scary intensity of the thing it fears i.e. alone time, is the #1 way  to get dogs, and owners, over this.

The key to becoming a successful online separation anxiety trainer is to use a step-by-step system that doesn't overwhelm clients and that gets them to the finish-line. And to pair that with great online marketing skills.


But first, here's what previous participants have to say.


“Before taking this course, I lacked confidence in my ability to handle separation anxiety cases.

I took this course so I could help my clients and their dogs with separation anxiety rather than constantly refer them to other trainers.

I had my first separation anxiety client booked by the end of the course, so the course is already paying for itself. I now feel confident taking separation anxiety cases.

I don't have send my clients to other trainers to get help for their dog's separation anxiety anymore.”

Jessica Ring,
Maryland, US


“There are so many courses out there for dog trainers and behaviourists but I was looking for something to make me stand out from the crowd. The SAPro course has been so well structured, full of content and totally enthralling. Julie makes the course a joy to take. The huge element of real-time weekly online contact with Julie and my fellow students has helped cement the course content. Never on your own! SAPro has had an immediate and powerful impact on my business. I am now so excited to offer separation anxiety consultations with confidence. Looking forward to continually growing my business with the support of Julie and my new-made training buddies💛”

Lisa Morton,
Northumberland, UK

“I didn’t take many SA cases, they were quite frustrating for me as I found it hard to keep clients optimistic and keep them in regular contact with me and it felt like it was hard work for them.

I also felt didn’t have a clear easy way to measure progress so I could keep them uplifted and positive.

Julie is lovely and an engaging teacher who kept me totally focused and absorbed throughout the course. She is passionate and knowledgeable which totally comes through in the use of Zoom calls and Facebook lives rather than just a written course.

There was also a wonderful sense of community in the group. I can’t wait to use my revised program so I can help more people successfully help their dogs overcome separation anxiety and get their own freedom back.”

Kerry Lawson
Leeds, UK

The SA Pro Trainer™ Program

The Comprehensive, Step-by-Step Guided Training Program that Leads You to a Rewarding Career As a Separation Anxiety Trainer

Hi! I'm Julie Naismith, Academy for Dog Trainers Honors Graduate, author of two bestselling books on separation anxiety, and full-on separation anxiety geek.

I've taken everything I've learned from helping 1000s of dogs overcome separation anxiety and I've channeled that into an all-encompassing, systematic training formula that not only teaches you the theory of how to get dogs over this, but also GUIDES you through the exact implementation steps you'll need to get clients through this.

SA Pro Trainer™ is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Gives you easy, insanely affordable access to a leading separation anxiety expert who will teach you what you need to know to handle separation anxiety cases.

2. Emphasizes the science both of how dogs learn and of how people learn.

3. Shows you how to attract more clients (no point learning how to help clients if no one is knocking at your door!)

So if you’re ready to finally take on separation anxiety cases while no longer feeling out of your depth, intimidated, and thinking these cases are best left to others, this is the program for you.

Also includes access to the unique SA Pro Trainer App!

Module 1

The Science of Separation Anxiety

This program is all about science and evidence. There are enough internet experts with unfounded opinions on separation anxiety. This program aims to counter that!


In this module you'll find:

  • What we mean by separation anxiety and how to ID it.
  • How desensitization works.
  • The evolutionary reason anxiety thresholds exist.
  • Why changing emotion rather than behavior is critical to success.
Module 2

How to Construct and Execute Efficient, Effective Training Programs

Separation anxiety success relies heavily on a precise, customized, client-specific training plans. This module will teach you how to devise them.


This module will look at:

  • How does gradual exposure work?
  • What does incremental planning really look like?
  • When to move ahead, when to stick and when to drop.
  • Why focusing on cues is old thinking, and risks sensitization.
Module 3

How to Work Across the Full Range of Separation-Related Behaviours (Beyond Anxiety)


Here's where we'll address:

  • If not separation anxiety, then how to achieve successful resolution for home alone problems.
  • Which additional training interventions to add and when, for optimal success.
  • Dealing with the intersection with non-SA issues.
Module 4

How to Boost the Chances of Resolution


Here's what's involved:

  • Working with vets on medications.
  • Dealing with clients who want to “try everything”.
  • How to focus on what works and avoid what doesn’t.
Module 5

Getting Owners to the Finish-Line

You don't just want to help clients and their dogs. You want to see them succeed.

That way you'll not only get a huge sense of fulfillment, you'll also see the testimonials flood in.


  • How to use habit-formation techniques to help clients.
  • Using gamification to make clients stick to the training.
  • How to help clients to set useful, appropriate goals.
Module 6 (NEW for 2022)

Body Language – Principles and Practice Deep Dive

The body language we observe during separation anxiety training is all about microbehaviors. The signs we look for are as subtle as can be. That's why, in the course, we dedicate an entire module to this topic.

You'll get access to more than one hundred videos of home alone dogs, which you can use to test and hone your skills.

I'll teach you which behaviors are most salient for separation anxiety cases, and I'll show you how to spot these.

We not only cover body language, but we also cover vocalization types too. 


  • Developing stellar observations techniques.
  • Learning how to interpret observations.
  • Understanding different types of vocalizations.  
Module 7

Running a Successful Online Separation Anxiety Business

There's little point you becoming a brilliant separation anxiety trainer if no one knows about you! That's why I'll show you how to find more clients.


  • Strategies for to adding more online revenue to your business.
  • The principles of online marketing and how to apply them.
  • Developing winning copy for your service listing on your website.
Premium Content 1 (NEW for 2022)

The Shadowing Program

Follow along with a real case, and see what you've been learning play out in an applied setting.


  • Observe how to run video training sessions. 
  • See trainings plans being written in real-time.
  • Get hints and tips for client management and for making your training interventions zing. 
Premium Content 2

The Progress Pod Program

No need to do this alone! You get the opportunity to be join a small group study pod – we call them Progress Pods.


  • Join forces with other trainers who are working through this with you.
  • Get guidance, support, and insight from your very own, dedicated Course Coach, an experienced a SA Pro Grad who truly knows the ropes.

How the Program Works

Although the program is delievered online it's more than just a few pre-recorded videos. The whole idea is that you get a ton of interaction and mentoring from me.

  • You'll be invited to join a private Facebook group.
  • You'll also be granted access to the program Video Vault.
  • Each module contains video lessons for you to watch on demand.
  • Modules are dripped over the course of the program — typically one module every 7 to 10 days.
  • We'll have 2 live group coaching calls (via Zoom) every week. These are at 2pm NY / 7pm UK, Monday and Wednesdays most weeks. NOTE: live sessions are not compulsory. You can catch the recordings. Not attending live won't affect your likelihood to succeed.
  • Plus I'll be in our private Facebook group during the week.
  • A practical assessment with a REAL owner – so that you'll complete the course confident that you're ready to ace your cases.

Here’s what you get if your application is approved :

7 Modules covering everything you need to be a successful separation anxiety trainer.

You also get all this:

  • Bonus 1 – LIFETIME access to the totally unique SA Pro Trainer App. (Value $150 a year for as long as you use the app!)
  • Bonus 2 – Workshop “Optimizing ‘Google My Business™’ to Drive Free Local Traffic to Your Website” with a Google Certified expert.
  • Bonus 3 – Workshop “The Sanity-Saving Social Media Strategy” covering how to use social media to boost your business while cocooning yourself from all the things you don't love about social.
  • Bonus 4 – "Business in a Box" My swipe file of handouts, plans, booking emails, cheat sheets.  Don’t reinvent – grab my swipe file instead!
  • Bonus 5 – Monthly Mindset coaching with a certified life coach, to help you maintain your energy and avoid burnout.
  • Bonus 6 – Lifetime access the SA Pro Hub Facebook group

When you add it all up, that's heaps of value.
But if your application is successful you get everything for just:

Program Pricing

Pay upfront to save or pay monthly.







Early Bird Special Pricing Option

Spread the payments over 12 months. Apply before January 15th.



Payment option available for applications submitted before 15/01/21.


Frequently Asked Questions

What successful applicants have asked about the program.

The pandemic has caused a pandemic of separation anxiety cases.

Separation anxiety services are in HUGE demand. And people need you!

I totally get that money is tight and the future seems uncertain. That's why I've done two things to help you. 1. I've kept the price of the program low when compared to other programs (while making the quality insanely high). 2. I'm offering a 12-pay and 6-pay option, so you can spread payments. If you've ever said "no" to separation anxiety work then you can be reasonably confident that you'll quickly recoup the cost. 

BUT don't do the course if the payments would leave you wondering how you're going to pay the bills. 

They can and do. Not because you are price gouging or taking advantage either. Because you'll be offering a highly specialized, hugely valuable service that can help transform their lives. As we get through this pandemic, separation anxiety owners do not want to feel like they are the only ones still trapped in their own homes.

You can help them get their life back.

Once you graduate you will be a Certified SA Pro Trainer™. You will also receive a certificate of graduation and logos that you can use in marketing material, plus every client handout you'll ever need.

In addition, you'll one free license for the exclusive SA Pro Training app for life, lifetime access to course materials, and ongoing support in our private Facebook group. 

You can graduate in as little at ten weeks but you can also take up to six months to graduate. You have access to the course materials (plus all updates) for life. For example, I just added a brand new module and everyone – old and new students – got access.

You're busy. I get that. But as the year goes on and your inbox continues to fill with queries about separation anxiety won't you wish you had signed up and were on your way to taking cases?

There will only be one course in 2022 (starting April 25, 2022). The next course will run in 2023.

"This is the best few hundred pounds I've spent on training, and I’ve spent plenty of £££ elsewhere 😆"

Lisa Morton
Northumberland, UK

SA Pro Trainer™ is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're a dog trainer or behaviour consultant who's been thinking for a while that you'd like to take on separation anxiety cases.
  2. OR You're already taking separation anxiety cases but would like a better success rate.
  3. You understand how separation anxiety cases can help boost your online business and want to get better at finding clients online.
  4. But the financial motive isn't the sole reason you want to take them – you want to make a difference to dogs and owners.
  5. You are passionate about the science of dog training and are committed to force-free methods.
  6. You're happy to build long-term relationships with clients and are happy to work with them for as long as they need you.
  7. BUT you sometimes struggle to get clients to the finish-line.
  8. You enjoy applying innovative thinking to dog training. 

Program Pricing

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